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It all started with Vanessa De Vargas’s emerald green campaign dresser in Lonny magazine. And then the bloggers were off. I was infected with campaign fever from the start, so I studied the RAST Ikea hacks and cherry picked the bits that I liked most, and here are my results! I’d first like to acknowledge the hackers that came before me: I used the Campaign drawer handles from LittleGreenNotebook and the corner brackets on Design Manifest.

But before I got started, I had a conversation with my friend that went a little something like this:

Me: I really want to DIY myself some green campaign drawers, but I just feel like EVERYONE has them.

Marisa: Nobody has them, I’ve never met anyone that has them. Have you?

Me: Well no.

Marisa: You don’t actually know anyone with campaign drawers then.

Me: No, I guess I don’t. But it feels like I do.

Sometimes the lines between real life and the internet are blurred, does anyone else feel this way? Here’s how I made my own DIY Campaign Dresser with a very simple Ikea hack that in my opinion, makes these Rast drawers undetectably Ikea.

fuji-files-bedside-table (1)

Handles Ansaldi & Sons / Paint Behr Herbal Tea / Corner brackets Hardware World

What You’ll Need:

Step 1: Buy Ikea RAST drawers

They are only $34.99 each. If you’ve searched for side tables (especially with drawers) you will know that this is a steal. Alternatively, if you already have drawers at home that could use a facelift, use those!

Step 2: Choose paint color

A few people have asked me how I got the lacquer look to mine, I just used a high gloss paint. I’ve seen some fabulous renditions of these in pinkgreyblack, and white – you could really go any color with these. I’d love to re-do mine in orange!Note: this wood soaks up paint, if you don’t use a primer it will take 2-3 coats and the finished product might not be completely even. I didn’t use a primer so I don’t know if that would fix this.

Step 3: Fill in handle holes & paint

Use woodfiller to fill in the holes meant for the Ikea drawer pulls, there are two on each drawer. Once this has dried sand them down until smooth. Then paint everything your color of choice.Note: Save yourself time (and paint) by figuring out which sides will be showing. I went ahead and painted everything green (even insides of drawers) but no one will ever see those.

Step 4. Assemble drawers

You can begin to assemble the body of the dresser using the very easy-to-follow RAST instructions once the paint has dried (don’t assemble the drawers yet)

Step 5. Install handles

Measure the center of the drawer and then drill the handle pulls in. Measure twice, drill once.
Note: it’s difficult to get these centered… mine are slightly off but I don’t think anyone can notice

Step 6. Add brackets

The final step is to attach the corner brackets, then slide the drawers into place!
I drilled mine in with the small screws that came with the brackets BUT I would recommend skipping the screws and hot glueing them instead, because when I open and close the drawers the screws rub against each other, making it difficult to close the drawers all the way. One day, I’d like to remove the screws and re-attach them with hot glue, but… it’s been a year and I have not gotten around to it. Save yourself the trouble.

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