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DIY File Michelle Adams of Loony DIY'D her only camopy bed with West Elm Curtain Rods

I’ve always wanted a canopy bed. That might have been because I liked the idea of some sort of hidden cave, or maybe it was that princess complex. Some days I would hang beach towels and bedsheets from the top bunk and make it my little secret study area. I even had a loft bed in college, so I could study underneath it.

DIY Curtain Canopy bed made with curtain rods

I’ve wanted to do this for so long. But now with this simple DIY, Michelle Adams has made it feel so close to being within reach! She just drilled West Elm Industrial Pipe Curtain Rods into the ceiling with 6 panels of fabric hanging from them. Of course, she used beautiful fabrics, but I think I’d be happy with curtains from Ikea too!