Holiday Gift Guide/Wish List 2017

I don’t like receiving gifts that will end up taking space and not being used, and I hate the thought of giving someone something that will do the same. I like to be thoughtful about my purchases, but during the holidays there’s simply not enough time to mull over every purchase for weeks or months the way I like to. One way I’ve tackled this is by creating an ongoing list in my phone of gift ideas for my friends and family, that way at the end of the year I’ve done half the work already. I also keep a running Pinterest wish list in case anyone asks what I want. In theory, it’s fail proof; in practice, it’s December 18 and I haven’t started Christmas shopping or told anyone what I want yet.

If you’re in my position, hopefully this gift guide/wish list will help. I’ve tried to include gifts for every price point!

Under $10

IncenseP.F. Candle Co, $6

I find it indulgent to spend money on things that I will literally burn, so I struggle to buy myself candles and incense. But the truth is I love lighting incense and making my home into a personal sanctuary. If you or your loved one enjoys doing yoga at home or wants to pick up meditation in the new year, this gift will help set the tone for just $6.

Spanish wine glassesSpartan, $6 each

I once attended a white elephant in which these wine glasses were stolen, stolen, and stolen again they were so coveted. But the wild part is they’re just $6 each. You could get one for yourself and one for a friend, to sip wine from while you talk on the phone (my best friend gave me this idea).

Under $30

Bookthe sun and her flowers by Rupi Kaur, $16.99

Books have always been one of my favorite gifts to give and get, and this one is sure to give its recipient all the deep feels.

Glitter eyeshadowLemonhead Spacepaste, $22

It’s hard to splurge on makeup for yourself that you likely won’t wear every day, which makes glitter eyeshadow an ideal gift for the beauty product junkie in your life. I’m loving the idea of brightening up a Tuesday at work with a little glitter.

Record – various, $29

If you enjoy the hunt of flipping through records for rare finds then you know you can find gems for way less than $29, but if you like a quick win then there’s always the option of buying new. This is a good one for the dads and hipsters in your life.

Under $60

Alarm clockCubic, $40

As we all attempt to unplug and clock in less screen time, the idea of returning to an old-fashioned alarm clock feels romantic yet practical. For many of us our phones are the first thing we see in the morning and the last thing we see at night – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Mouth pinJennybird, $50

Enamel pins are everywhere this year, but this set would make any shirt or coat lapel feel one of a kind. It’s what I imagine I’ll wear to the museum with my caftan, clogs and quirky glasses when I’m old and rocking my natural grey hair. I can’t wait to be her.

Eye pinJennybird, $60

I love the mouth and eye set, but if I had to choose I’d get this eye. It feels very Picasso line drawing to me.

Under $100

Straw purseUnravel Co. $75

Christmas can feel challenging for the minimalists and sustainable shoppers in our lives. Unravel Co. is a new brand launched in 2017 by Sanetra Longno and I swear she read my mind with this collection. Each bag looks like it could be part of a museum exhibit, or part of your go-t0 uniform. They’re handmade using traditional techniques, and “10% of your purchase goes back to the Ghanaian community to support the construction for a 3 room school goal and a water well for better access.” This is at the top of my wish list for so many reasons.

Shirt& Other Stories, $85

According to Lizzy Hadfield, whose Testing Basics series is one of my favorite things on YouTube, this is the best white shirt there is. The cut, fabric, and fit are everything you want in a button down shirt. What more could you want?

Under $200

Roman coin necklaceMissoma, $180

It’s a splurge, but it’s been on my mind for months and I can’t stop imagining it with every outfit I wear. At $180 this will have to remain a dream gift, but in the meantime I’ve been scouring antique malls for something similar. Which, by the way, is a fantastic place to do your Christmas shopping. You’ll come away with one of a kind finds for a fraction of what they would cost brand new. If you’ve missed the window for online delivery, hit up your local antique mall, you’re sure to find some gems.


What’s at the top of your wish list this year?




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