The Life-Changing Magic of Small Goals

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As you know I’m working on my small goals and changing my brain, and many of my goals I got a head start on and crossed off the list right away. But some of my goals, like going to sleep earlier and going back to yoga, those turned out to be not so small. It took 23 whole days of mental warfare to get myself into a yoga studio, but when I finally did, I think there may have been forces larger than me at play.

When I walked into the yoga studio and handed my card to the teacher to pay for my unlimited yoga membership, something very strange happened. My card was swiped for the $100 membership fee, but it was charged $0. The yoga instructor was shocked, she said she’d never seen that happen before in her life. But she let me have it.

The next night,  I had made a coffee date with blogger-twin-mom-new-YouTuber extraordinaire Jesse Coulter (small goal #4) when she emailed me the day of and said she’d been able to get us into a SoulCycle class. For free-ninety-nine. That’s two days in a row, in case you weren’t counting.

The next night, I posted on Instagram how well my small goals were going, and in the comments section two amazing women told me THEY wanted to get coffee with ME! You guys, achieving goals is so much easier than I ever could have thought. The universe is practically doing them FOR me.

And to think, I was scared of goals.

I was scared of publicly (and privately) saying out loud what I wanted to achieve, mostly due to what it would mean about me as a person when I couldn’t. But the thing is I haven’t achieved all of my goals, not even close. Becoming a person who goes to sleep early still seems physically impossible and may never come to fruition, but I don’t feel bad about that. I just feel good about all of the other things I’m achieving, even things that aren’t on that small goals list.

So if all of my talk about dark and twisty frontal lobes didn’t convince you to try setting yourself some small goals, then maybe this will: they’re so easy, the universe does them for you.


You can read about my January small goals here, and my February small goals here.


Photo taken by my talented guy on the most memorable trip to Iceland. Which I’ll have to blog about here one day.

Cristina V. Cleveland

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