The Easiest Way to Move Your Closet

Why does it feel like I’m always writing a blog post about how I just moved? Oh, I know. Because I’ve moved 5 times in the past 3 years. That’s right, 5 times. It has been a pretty mobile few years for me and this has taught me

a) not allow clutter into my life and

b) how to move my closet with minimal effort.

Today I’m sharing with you how I move my closet. I can’t take any credit for this because it’s actually my friend De who let me in on the secret, and she originally got the tip from Martha Stewart. Honestly this method is a lifesaver and has allowed me to move my entire closet in about one hour flat. I didn’t show all my clothes in the video, one day hopefully I will be able to cull my belongings down to that small selection but I’ve got a long way to go.

I hope this tip helps make the least enjoyable activity on the planet a little bit more bearable, and please let me know if you have any other moving tips in the comments!

For example, I recently found out (after my move of course) that you always should pack one separate bag that contains the essential items that you will need immediately when you get to your new place – like toilet paper, your tooth brush, and a change of clothes. That way you don’t end up digging through boxes for toilet paper at 2am when you’re tired, cranky, and have to go.


PS I wrote this post specifically for my friend M who is moving very soon! I hope this helps!

Cristina V. Cleveland

Cristina V. Cleveland is a senior beauty editor based in Austin, TX. She has been exploring personal style and decor on Fuji Files since 2009. Her work as a writer and editor has appeared in publications like Refinery29, Birchbox, TradHome Magazine, To&From Magazine, Coco+Kelley, CamilleStyles and ads in Glamour, InStyle and Lucky.

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