When I moved from Australia to Austin last year all I brought with me was 2 (ok and most of my boyfriend’s) suitcases. This involved a major cull of my wardrobe and everything I owned, and also resulted in my moving into a very, very empty apartment in Austin. Starting from scratch has been a lot of work and also VERY liberating! I’m still living with just the basics and a pretty bare closet and I’m absolutely loving it.

Which brings me to the topic of this post, the lovely apartment of Frances Kwon from Pinkhorrorshow! Her New York apartment is clean, uncluttered, and just the sort of space I’d like mine to eventually resemble. Luckily we already have a couple of the same pieces (like the Celine-inspired skateboards!) and obviously share love of blue velvet and a stripe addiction.

My goal is to really minimize what I bring into my apartment – just the necessities and pieces I really love – not “oh that’s a good deal, I better buy that.” Yunno what I mean? It’s definitely a work in progress and I hope to post a few photos on here once I get going!




Cristina V. Cleveland

Cristina V. Cleveland is a senior beauty editor based in Austin, TX. She has been exploring personal style and decor on Fuji Files since 2009. Her work as a writer and editor has appeared in publications like Refinery29, Birchbox, TradHome Magazine, To&From Magazine, Coco+Kelley, CamilleStyles and ads in Glamour, InStyle and Lucky.

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  1. I definitely agree. I want to start purging so much of my stuff! I am getting older too, so I don’t feel the desire/need to keep every single thing that I’ve ever owned. When I was just starting to come into my own, I kept everything since I had spent my good ol’ hard-earned money on it and didn’t want to “waste.” Now, I’m starting to feel like I can “let go” of the old to bring in the new.

  2. Girlfriend. You are speaking my language… I am sitting on my boyfriend’s floor in Sydney, up to my neck in clothes trying to cull enough to a) fit on the plane back to TX and b) not give him a heart attack when he comes home. I want to be a fabulous minimalist too… yet why does getting rid of things make me possessed by wanting to shop?!

    Luckily, everything in Oz is so prohibitively expensive its unlikely I’ll commit any actual offenses. But still, there’s this nagging urge to BROWSE. I’ve been on a pinning spree to try and get it out of my system, but I’m going to try the “add to cart” trick you mentioned in your previous post.

    But anyways… this being said, do you think it is more effort to be a minimalist? Putting thought & research into just a few items, while fighting one’s inner demons that yearn to just “fill the space”…

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