I’ve always wanted a canopy bed. Maybe it was the idea of closing off the curtains and hiding away in a dreamy cave of fabric, or maybe it’s some Disney princess complex. When I was little I would hang beach towels and bedsheets from the top bunk of my bed, and then when I was in college I lofted my bed up and created a study area underneath it (yea, I studied under my bed) so this fantasy is a long time coming.

Now with this super simple DIY by Michelle Adams, Editor in Chief of Lonny Magazine, it’s feeling almost within reach! She simply drilled West Elm Industrial Pipe Curtain Rods into her ceiling with 6 panels of her favorite fabric hanging from them. Of course she chose very fine fabric and a soft velvet as a lining, but I’d be happy with Ikea curtains!

All I need now is a bedroom where I can drill into the ceiling! Once that’s sorted, I’m totally trying this. Also, that black & white dot painting above her bed looks totally diy-able too!

xoxo Cristina




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