Friends, I gave you standing outfit photos. I gave you sitting outfit photos. And now, so as not to bore you (I am wearing the same shorts in all of them after all) I give you jumping outfit photos! I’m starting to think all outfit photos should be jumping, it shows the clothes in a new light, no? Also, it calls to mind jumping genius Natsumi with her levitation photos. Genius.

Now, on to the topic of shoes. (My favorite topic everrrrrrrrrr!). I tend to think of these as the quintessential man repellant shoe. I mean, there’s nothing sexy about shoes that a 5 year old might wear.  (Same goes for these sunglasses). However, when my boyfriend set eyes on these he said “those are fun” … and I said “really??? I thought you would HATE these”. And he said well, they’re fun. I would have liked him to elaborate and discuss, but he had nothing else to say on the matter. Fair enough.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you may recognize these shoes, I did a post about Alexa Chung’s 3 strap flats aaages ago, and about how I really really wanted them. Actually it’s quite impressive that I deliberated for a whole year before making this purchase, and I’m so glad I did!



Cristina V. Cleveland

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  1. well i guess the 180 opposite of man-repellant shoes are sky-high stillettos.

    but then a girl who is constantly in sky high stillettos even on the most casual of days, gets a little dull.

    Its good to put on sky-highs and stop into some swanky venue but….I think sometimes guys just want to know that underneath their drop dead fem-bot is a fun girl they can tease and cuddle with.

    Love them shoes by the way.

  2. Those 3 straps flats are sooo cute! You might not believe this but i’ve not seen 3 straps flats so far!!! hehehe….its good you that waited and still were in love with them after a year, it was meant to be, Cristina:)

    Btw, i love your first jump shot, you look so carefree!!! As for your bf saying the flats look fun,that already means a lot in the men’s world for commenting on fashion, haha…dont u think?;)


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