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Yesterday I attended a SXSW panel here in Austin on “The Future of Lifestyle Media” – so incredibly up my alley it was as if it had been catered specifically for me. The panelists were Camille Styles of CamilleStyles, Tolly Moseley of Austin Eavesdropper, Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge, and Andrew Wagner who founded Dwell, edited ReadyMade, and is director at Krrb. It was a brilliant mix of personalities and though they did not always agree the overall messages were cohesive, the topics well-considered and the discussion inspired – which is more than I can say for other “I didn’t prepare anything” speakers I saw yesterday. I thought I’d share the top 3 points that I found myself reflecting on long after the panel had ended.

No. 1 – Find your muse. For Tolly it was her city, for others it’s DIYs, whatever it is, let it guide your blog (or any creative endeavor) and you will not stray far from your voice.

No. 2 – Edit. Only use images that are absolutely stunningly beautiful. Before publishing a photo Camille likes to ask herself if someone were to visit your blog for the very first time and see that photo, would they stick around? If the answer is no, it probably shouldn’t be there. You better believe I came home and deleted a post or two.

No. 3 – And lastly, the moment that stuck with me the most: when asked what each panelist saw as the future of their blog, what is their big vision, none of them had a clear picture of what that might be. Which had me feeling relieved above all else. Even these successful, inspiring leaders in their field don’t know what lies ahead. I think we just have to get used to that feeling of not knowing (whether it’s your blog, any creative outlet, even your job) just be open to opportunities and willing to adapt.

Of course there was SO much more covered (social media, photoshop, ad revenue) but I hope these tidbits helped illuminate your Saturday afternoon!

xo Cristina

Cristina V. Cleveland

Cristina V. Cleveland is a senior beauty editor based in Austin, TX. She has been exploring personal style and decor on Fuji Files since 2009. Her work as a writer and editor has appeared in publications like Refinery29, Birchbox, TradHome Magazine, To&From Magazine, Coco+Kelley, CamilleStyles and ads in Glamour, InStyle and Lucky.

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  1. Thanks for such a great and useful post Cristina!

    I agree with all 3 points and the last one the most. Up to this day i still scratch my brains trying to figure out what to perfect it or what direction i’m going. I’m still playing around as i go along but i hope i’m going towards the right direction this year.

    And yes, good question indeed, regarding posting a photo. I tend to ask myself that sometimes. Like is it memorable or will it get people’s attention.


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