DIY FILES:: Sequin Triangle Bra

DIY Files Sequin triangle bra

Yunno those shirts that can’t possibly be worn without revealing a bit of your bra? The neck is cut so low or the arm holes are cut so big that I have to wonder what did the maker of this garment expect me to do bra-wise exactly? Well here’s a pretty sequinned solution to your bra woes that does not involve a see-through plastic bra strap that you think nobody can see but really everybody can see.. sorry, tiny rant. This amahzing DIY was completed by my fav diy-er Geneva of A Pair & a Spare, she’s truly brilliant!

It’s like Hanneli’s diamond bra and Rumi’s triangle bra obsession COMBINED.
Must. have. this. bra.

DIY Files Sequin triangle bra bronze  DIY Files Sequin triangle bra supplies  
What you’ll need:
– A lightweight plain triangle bra. Geneva used skin colour but black would look great too.
– Sequin fabric. She used bronze colored metal style sequins which have a more subtle look to them.
– A needle and black thread.
– Sewing pins.
– Tracing paper of any kind.
– Scissors.

DIY Files Sequin triangle bra supplies 1DIY Files Sequin triangle bra steps 1

1. Lay your triangle bra on a flat surface and cover with tracing paper.
2. With a pencil trace the outline of the bra – essentially where you want the sequin fabric to go. I wanted mine within the piped edge of the bra.

DIY Files Sequin triangle bra steps 3 

3. Cut out the triangle of tracing paper and check to make sure it fits properly on the bra.
4. Pin the triangle to the sequin fabric.

DIY Files Sequin triangle bra steps 5 

5. Using the traced triangle as a guide, cut out the sequin fabric.
6. You should have a triangle that fits on the bra – check it and shape the fabric if required by cutting away any excess.

DIY Files Sequin triangle bra steps 7 

7. Pin the sequin triangle to the bra. 
8. Using small stitches, attach the sequin fabric to the bra. I made sure that the edges of the sequin fabric were underneath the edge of the bra so it looked more finished. Where possible I sewed the sequins on the edges down so they would not come loose.

DIY Files Sequin triangle bra

So there’s a tad bit of sewing involved, but other than that this is a simple, pretty, sequinned, girly DIY that I simply cannot resist! I wish it was summer so that I could pull out all of my drapey tanks and dresses to wear with this number peeking out (see photo below!). Although it could be fun to wear this under a chunky sweater, even if I’m the only one who knows how pretty it is underneath 😉

Rumi FASHIONTOAST triangle bra

xoxo Cristina
Cristina V. Cleveland

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  1. omg!!! i can’t believe you DIY’ed those!!!! You are soo talented:)

    Btw, i finally did my new year words post for 2012, which i heard about via your previous post so do have a look! Just thought i’d share it with you since i got the idea from you;) Thanks a mill, it’s such a great alternative to making NY resolutions!!! and i didnt know you’re part of Camille Styles:)It’s a fab website!

    Hope you have a great weekend:D


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