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costume institute met gala 2011
Can you believe Ginnifer Goodwin’s dress is by Topshop? One of my favs and undoubtedly one of the cheapest, that never happens! I would have to say Liv Tyler was my number one for the night in Givenchy Couture (yellow is such an underrated color!) And no one does Glamazon better than Gisele, killing it in McQueen (look at her waist! and that’s not even photoshopped – ugh)

costume institute met gala 2011 olsen chung

Street style darlings MKA Olsen and Alexa Chung all exhibited that unique personal style we love them for. Never ones to fit into the mold! I actually loved the cut of Ashley’s Dior gown, very flattering on top, even with the poofy sleeves! I loved the contrast of MK’s red Vintage Givenchy dress with her green jewels – we’re all too afraid to wear Christmas colors 364 days of the year, thanks for showing us how MK! And Alexa, props for being consistent in your signature short shift frock, glitzed up in sequins by Christopher Kane.

costume institute met gala 2011 blake lively lily aldridge kate hudson

If you’re planning a prom and you’re going for the bombshell look, these women will show you how it’s done. Clearly long wavy locks are key, along with a drapey form-fitting gown in nude tones & a goddess-like glow (Kate’s is obviously natural. Fingers crossed I look this great pregnant!)
costume institute met gala 2011 zoe saldana
I would have preferred to see Brooklyn Decker’s hair in a clean, slicked back ‘do to really take her hot pink Michael Kors dress up a notch in terms of chicness (instead of the soccer mom bob). Michelle Monaghan’s long-sleeved pink gown was very similar, but unfortunately the fabric of her gown didn’t photograph quite as well, I’m sure it was beautiful in person! Like I said, yellow is so underrated! Zoe looks smashing in her canary column.

costume institute met gala 2011 worst dressed

I try to keep things positive here on FUJI FILES, so I titled the last selection “Not So Best Dressed.” But c’mon Jessica Zohr, did you really need fringe on your dress, shoes, AND face? And Christina Hendricks, you’re so much hotter than this! But for the most part, I thought everyone looked drop dead gorgeous, just as they should!
Oh yea, hi loves. I’m back! With 4 new gigs of RAM and 500 new gigs of memory! Ok enough techtalk. And what better welcome back party than the Costume Institute Gala? What would you wear to the Met Gala???
My little break from the blog allowed me to take a step back and do a little brainstorming and admin. You may notice a few changes in the coming days… looking forward to hearing what you all think!
xoxo Cristina
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  1. This is the best Met Gala recap ever. Ginnifer Goodwin is so cute! I can’t get enough of her hair! I wish I had the guts to chop mine off like that! Love it.

    Your blog is amazing. I am obsessed and totally following. Would love for you to check mine out too and my Anthropologie giveaway!

    Along Abbey Road

  2. I totally know what you mean about Jessica. The shoes are overkill and yeah what’s with the face?! But you’re missing Kristen Stewart. The girl looked killer in red and black Proenza Schouler. For once she got it right. Even her attitude seemed different! Totally lovin Ginnifers TopShop number. How good does her hair look?

    x x x
    I’m Just a Gal

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