diy celine clutch

Utterly in love with this DIY project by Brooke of Just B. She’s pretty much saved me the $1000 that this Celine pouch would have cost, and opened us all up to a world of possible color combinations! The American Apparel clutch is a great substitute for the Celine and comes in so many different colors, so go wild with the combos! 

All you need is a leather pouch, acrylic paint in white and the color bright color of your choice, paint brush, painters tape, blow dryer & acrylic coating spray (shown later) 
diy celine clutch step 1

Step 1. Mark off the area you want to paint with painters tape. If you are a real perfectionist you can measure it out to make sure it is even on both sides or trust your insticts and eye ball it like I did.

Step 2. Mix white acrylic paint with a bit of water for first layer to help it adhere to the leather. Start brushing onto leather from tape down to avoid too much leakage under the tape. (As tedious as you can be I’m sorry to say this still happens).

diy celine pouch step 2diy celine pouch step 4

Step 4. After the white dries, bring out the neon guns and do the same without water added. The white acts as a primer so that your color will pop bright against the muted leather. 

Step 5. I used a blow dryer during this process because I couldn’t take the waiting in between layers to paint. Works miraculously to get an even coat.

Step 6. When you’re finally satisfied with the painted color cover the non painted leather with paper or cover with a magazine of some sort. Last minute I didn’t like the feeling of the rough paint so ran to the craft store for glossy acrylic spray coat. This helps protect the paint from water and wear while also giving it a soft smooth finish like the leather! Let dry for 2 hours.

diy celine pouch step 6

Now, I’m picturing white with a pink stripe, blue with a yellow stripe, green with a white stripe… the possibilities are endless!

p.s. Had a couple issues with Blogger, not sure why the post below got re-posted and I lost all my comments on this post!



source: Just B

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