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What do we think of Emma Watson’s short cut? Would you? Could you? Have you? And what did your boyfriends think? I’m blessed with extremely fast growing hair so at least I know salvation would be near (if I hated it) but still, it takes real guts, and Emma, I salute you.

Cristina V. Cleveland

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  1. How old is she 20/21? I think its the right age to experiment radically with you hair.

    When I was her age (i’m now a whopping 30) i took a clipper to my scalp and buzzed it all off. The interesting thing is guys sheepishly told me i was “intimidating, yet attractive”.

    Yet women (even strangers) had no problems coming up to me to give me compliments.

    Now I have what I call ‘boob’ length hair…but I have noticed that like my Mum it has gotten a wee bit thinner with time( maybe its also the years of blow drying and colouring). So while youre yooung and your hair is super thick and luscious the sky is the limit really…

  2. Hermoine! She is adorable and love the hair. It is so fun and playful yet sophisticated.

    Harry should and Ron should think about doing the same with their hair!

    I love picture 1 and 2 and the fur in 5 yowzzzaaa.


  3. Woohoo, that’s me, thanks (I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me)!

    I love her hair and she has the fave to pull it off. You definitely need delicate features to pull it off. I am wayyy too much of a scaredy-cat to do this but it’s always fun to see.

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