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This Is Why Your Perfume Doesn’t Last

Ask my friends, family or anyone within a 5-foot radius of me and they will likely confirm: I have a very sensitive nose. I can accurately guess what hair product you used this morning (Oyin…


Summer My Way

Last weekend I was going to a summer pool party with a friend when she showed up at my door color blocking like a pro with her wide brimmed hat and straw wedge sandals. She…


Gaia Repossi’s Paris Apartment

Modern furniture, bright white, mid-century modern lines and a touch of Asian influence. Gaia Repossi you’re speaking my language. And in this case it happens to be French. Her Paris apartment is flawless, but not in…


Alexa Chung Makeup Tutorial

Here’s a fun fact: I watch Lisa Eldridge videos to get to sleep at night. It’s not that I find her boring, quite on the contrary! But there is something in the lilting tone of…


The Easiest Way to Move Your Closet

Why does it feel like I’m always writing a blog post about how I just moved? Oh, I know. Because I’ve moved 5 times in the past 3 years. That’s right, 5 times. It has…

Factory Window Room Divider

Fair warning, there may be a trend developing on this blog and it has mostly to do with loft spaces and factory windows. I love them, I want them, and much to the consternation of…